Window Shades

Window-ology - Comfortex Window ShadesAvailable in literally hundreds of looks, patterns, styles, and colors, window shades offer versatility, beauty, and performance for your windows. At Window-ology, we carry a full range of window shades to ensure you get exactly the right window covering option for your home or commercial space. With our huge selection it might seem easy to be overwhelmed, but our professional window shade specialists are here to guide you from shade selection to expert installation. We'll work with you to identify your needs from budget to opacity levels and then offer you a selection of options designed around your specific preferences. For quality, service, and great prices, Window-ology can't be beat when you need new window shades. Let our team help you find your perfect window treatments today!

Want to design your own custom window shades? Check out our PERSONA Shade Designer Tool!

Sheer Shades

Offering sheer window shades in a variety of styles, colors, and levels of opacity, we have a sheer that's suited to almost any home or window. From roller sun shades to soft window draperies, Window-ology has a wide assortment of sheer shades that allow you to add privacy and control light levels without blocking the natural light entirely. If you love natural light but hate the glare or want to enjoy sunlight without the dangerous effects of UV rays, sheer shades can help. With sheer window shades from Window-ology, you can diffuse sunlight and reflect UV rays, allowing you to get the natural light you love without the negatives. Learn more about your options when you call for your free estimate today.

Cellular Shades

Window-ology - Cellular ShadesIf you're ready to get beautiful window coverings and increased energy efficiency for your home, we're your answer for cellular window shades in northern California. With their luxury factor, beautiful appearance, and energy-efficient performance, cellular shades are a fantastic window treatment option for your home, office, or other commercial property. Also known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are made from layers pleated fabric. These horizontal folds create honeycomb-like cells of air, forming a insulating air pockets between your building's interior and the outside temperature. Helping improve your home's energy efficiency during both the hot and cold months, that means cellular window shades are a practical solution for year-round efficiency! At Window-ology, we offer both single and double honeycomb options in cellular shades for your convenience, and we can match you with the shade that's right for your budget and your windows. Our cellular window shades are available in a broad palette of colors and can even come with blackout inserts. Schedule your free in-home consultation and learn more about how cellular shades can help you achieve your decor--and energy-efficiency--goals! 

Roman Shades

Window-ology - Roman ShadesPerfect for formal, casual, and vintage tastes, Roman shades from Window-ology are a smart choice for any home or office. Roman shades combine the fabric aspect of window draperies with the practicality of a window shade, bringing you the best of both worlds. Roman window shades from Window-ology are great for increasing privacy and providing adjustable light control, and many styles can also increase your windows' energy efficiency. We even offer a variety of options for your Roman shades: light-filtering or room-darkening linings, a broad selection of fabrics, and flat or hobbled designs are just a few of the customizable features of your new Roman window shades. At Window-ology, our team of professionals can create a customized Roman window shade that's perfect for your style and needs, so set up your in-home consultation today.

Woven Wood Shades

Window-ology - Comfortex Woven Wood ShadesAlso called bamboo window shades, woven wood shades bring natural beauty and elegance to your windows. Increasingly popular as today's decorating trends shift toward natural design and materials, woven wood shades are a distinctive window covering for your commercial space or home. Utilizing the rustic charm and allure of natural materials such as grass, reeds, jute, bamboo, and wood, woven wood window shades provide privacy, filter light, and create a gorgeous sense of organic style. Window-ology offers woven wood window shades in a plethora of looks, textures, and tones, and with blackout linings available, your bamboo shades can even be room-darkening. A practical window covering and natural decor element all in one, woven wood window shades are ideal for modern and traditional style alike!

Roller Shades

Window-ology - Roller ShadesToday's high-quality roll up shades are a practical option for clean lines, easy operation, and great looks: When you need a beautiful, functional window treatment, roll up shades are an attractive solution. Providing privacy and light control, your roller shades from Window-ology can be completely customized to meet your needs. We specialize in custom roll up shades, and with options including light-filtering and room-darkening opacities, decorative hems and trims, easy-lift mechanisms, and a vast number of colors, we can design the perfect custom roller window shade for your home. Regardless of whether you're in the market for a roller sun shade for your office or an elegant roller shade for your living room, we have what you need. Call now to get started.

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